Decuma OnSpot Latin

Decuma OnSpot Latin 3.0

The handwriting recognition tool you've been looking for!

Decuma Character Recognizer is a fast and intuitive handwriting recognition software that supports word-by-word, non-cursive handwriting. It converts your handwriting into typed text.

Instead of pen and paper, you use the Stylus and the Touch Screen. Simply write in the designated input area in the lower part of the screen and the typed characters will appear at the cursor in the active application.

Key features include:

  • Support for natural handwriting
  • Intuitive support for uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Enhanced handwriting recognition engine
  • Easy editing of your text using gestures

All in all, a comprehensive and easy to use handwriting recognition tool.

Decuma OnSpot Latin


Decuma OnSpot Latin 3.0

User reviews about Decuma OnSpot Latin

  • "CentroGuy"

    Love the program, took a while to set up though. At first i thought it crashed my centro, but then it restarted and e...   More.